COVID-19 Risk Management & Things to Consider

COVID-19 Risk Management & Things to Consider

Planning for the impact of a Pandemic

Staff may fall ill, become anxious about the risks, fail to show up to work due to safety concerns and travel restrictions. Travel advice may differ as a pandemic spreads, meaning staff may be unable to travel to work. Staff travel should be rearranged to avoid exposure or consider working from home, utilizing telephone and video conference calls instead of face to face meetings wherever possible. Supporting your staff and planning for any absences, particularly in critical roles, will be important.


Be Prepared

During this time, it is important all companies check and review their business continuity plan and include any updates for pandemic protocols and response plans. Outbreaks can affect business continuity management, cause supply chain and business interruptions, losses and have a negative impact on businesses due to economic slowdown. Ensure all situations are monitored, teams are kept informed and clear responsibilities are delegated.


Policy Coverages

If it is likely you will need to depend on your insurance policy in regard to your risk management strategy then it is highly recommended you seek advice on whether your current policy provides the correct cover you will need. All policies are different, and insurers are reacting differently to the outbreak, so it is best to check what the current position is. For further information and guidelines please see the below links.


Hygiene Measures

Implementing hygiene measures are particularly important to stop the spread of disease. Regularly washing your hands and providing hand sanitiser gel around the workplace for staff and visitors to use can help prevent a potential outbreak in your work force.